‘The Planisphere’

As a writer and wanderer I’m always looking to uncover the new. One manner of “exploring” is by talking to people who do unique and fascinating things – and thereby partaking in their journeys. The opportunity to tap people’s experiences and insights, and then share them with others, seems to me to be a very worthwhile thing.

To do that I created The Planisphere.

You could call it a blog of sorts devoted to articles and Q&A’s that touch on the theme of exploration – both literal and allegorical. The actual subjects broached can be almost anything.

The Planisphere is authored by me, John Zada, and is an adjunct of my main writing site.

I’m a freelance writer and photographer based in Toronto, Canada, and can be reached at john [dot] zada @ gmail.





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I'm writing a book about my travels in Canada's Great Bear Rainforest investigating eyewitness reports of the Sasquatch. Sound interesting? Get updates on the book by signing-up on the right.

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