‘The Planisphere’

As a writer and inveterate traveller I’m always looking to uncover new things – and to share them. But like most of us, I can’t always travel or be in the field. An important thing I’ve learned is that one doesn’t have to hit the road to imbibe the kinds of powerful experiences and insights wrought through travelling. One manner of “exploring” that can happen anywhere is to engage with people who do, or have done, unique and fascinating things – thereby partaking in their journeys. The opportunity to tap people’s experiences and insights, and then share them with others, seems to me to be a very worthwhile thing.

To do that I created The Planisphere.

It is a blog of sorts devoted to articles, anecdotes and Q&A’s that touch on the theme of exploration – both in the literal and allegorical senses. The actual subjects broached can be almost anything.

The Planisphere is authored by me, John Zada, and is an adjunct of my main writing site.

I’m a freelance writer and photographer based in Toronto, Canada, and can be reached at john [dot] zada @ gmail.





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I’ve written a book about my travels in Canada’s Great Bear Rainforest investigating eyewitness reports of the Sasquatch. It’ll be released at the start of 2019. Sound interesting? Get updates on the book by signing-up below.

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