Writing & Editing Services

writer editor for hire freelanceAre you looking to a freelance writer, blogger, copy-editor or a proofreader? For someone to help find the right words for a report, newsletter, brochure, website or blog post? And to make sure copy is error free?

I love to collaborate with other people on their projects. I have 15+ years of experience in a variety of writing genres: from think-tank publications, to proposals, press releases, funding letters, government publications, books, to print and television news, long-form journalism and the web.

My goal is to make sure your work is interesting and easy to understand, thereby generating credibility and trust. I’m reliable, easy to get along with and work to deadline. I’m also an inveterate listener.

For information on my rates, questions about your projects or needs, shoot me an email at john [dot] zada @ gmail [dot] com.

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