Articles for The Human Journey Project

I’ve taken on a job commissioning, editing and occasionally writing blog posts at The Human Journey website. The online initiative, a project of the Institute for the Study of Human Knowledge (ISHK), a California non-profit founded by psychologist Robert E. Ornstein, makes available current scientific knowledge about our origins, evolution, and human development potential. It’s a super-valuable education resource.

The blog showcases writing on important aspects of human nature, culture and psychology, as they relate to humanity surviving the challenges of the present and future. For those like me with an interest in this cross-disciplinary area, both the blog and the wider website are well worth exploring.

I’ve written a few of the pieces there. “Escaping the Either/Or Thinking Trap,” looks at the conundrum and impact of dualistic thinking in our culture. “Finding the Right Way Home” is about cults and the ubiquity of cult behaviour in our day-to-day lives.