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Veils of Distortion


“John Zada has shared a passionate, insider’s account of how “churnalism” is bad not just for those who produce the news, but for everyone who consumes it. Of all the injuries that beset the world, few are as self-inflicted as our surrender to false narratives that are the sine qua non of today’s media barrage. Better to ignore it all, or as Zada hopefully urges, do something—each and every one of us-before it’s too late.”—Ian Gill, journalist and author of No News is Bad News: Canada’s Media Collapse and What Comes Next

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bigfoot sasquatch


“Books on supernatural phenomena typically steer one of two courses: tabloid gullibility or mean-spirited debunkery. Zada deftly tightropes between the two . . . In the Valleys of the Noble Beyond is not really about sasquatch. It is about how we see what we want to see and don’t see what we’re not prepared to see . . . A quirky and oddly captivating tale.”―Eric Weiner, Washington Post

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