Shoreline Cleanup
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The Great Coastal Cleanup of British Columbia

As far as environmental issues go, marine pollution is a serious one. Yet, the subject’s relatively low media profile is disproportionate to its reality. Several million tonnes of garbage enters the world’s oceans each year. Much of that pollution is largely out-of-sight: either invisible at the micro-level or found remotely in the middle and at […]

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A man walks in the boreal forest near the town of Moose Factory, Ontario, Canada

Lost in the Boreal Forest

A little over a year ago I travelled to the community of Moose Factory, near James Bay in northern Ontario, for a magazine assignment. While there I was introduced to Arthur “Archie” Hester, a 72 year-old member of Mocreebec First Nation. Archie had an amazing story to tell: while in his youth, he had survived almost […]

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Circumski Mount Logan team arrives at icefields glacier camp, Kluane National Park, Yukon.
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Circumskiing Mount Logan

Last spring I spent a week with a group of mountaineers at a remote glacier camp in Yukon’s St. Elias Range near the base of Mount Logan, Canada’s highest peak. Sometimes referred to as “Canada’s Himalayas”, the St. Elias Mountains (the highest in North America) sit within the largest glaciated region outside of Greenland and the […]

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