bigfoot sasquatchSelect reviews, interviews and other media coverage of In the Valleys of the Noble Beyond: In Search of the Sasquatch.


CBC – ‘In the Valleys of the Noble Beyond’ shortlisted for the 2020 Edna Staebler Award

“The annual $10,000 prize administered by Wilfrid Laurier University honours the best in Canadian creative nonfiction.”

The Washington Post – A Hopeful Skeptic Joins the Search for Sasquatch

In the Valleys of the Noble Beyond is not really about sasquatch. It is about how we see what we want to see and don’t see what we’re not prepared to see . . . A quirky and oddly captivating tale.”

Globe & Mail – John Zada’s Search for the Sasquatch Chronicled in his New Book ‘In the Valleys of the Noble Beyond’ (registration required)

In the Valleys of the Noble Beyond delivers… Zada eschews the blurry black-and-white photos of hairy silhouettes. He gives us instead an adventure travel story in the tradition of Paul Theroux and, in parts, Jon Krakauer.”


The Paris Review – The Paris Review Staff’s Favourite Books of 2019

“Roaming through the First Nations communities of coastal British Columbia, Zada camps out at the foggy junction of lore and fact. He’s a disarming travel companion, and his curiosity is contagious.”

Literary Review of Canada – Creature Feature

“The strength of Zada’s story is the writer’s own humility… The attempt not to tell a story but to listen to one is the greater theme of the book.”

Open Letters Review – In the Valleys of the Noble Beyond

“As eloquent and big-hearted as, for instance, Peter Matthiessen’s The Snow Leopard . . . Odd, winning gravitas . . . The shelf of serious, beautifully done Bigfoot books isn’t exactly a crowded one, but it now has an indisputable classic.”

The Millions – John Zada is Still Searching for the Sasquatch

“Full of dramatic, tense chase scenes―the book is, quite literally, an adventure story.”

Amazon Books – Ten Essential Reads Out This Month as Picked by Amazon Books Editors

“…a beautifully rendered account of a mist-shrouded world suspended between myth and modernity.”

The Oklahoman – Bigfoot Book is Quality Nonfiction

“In seeking to discover Bigfoot, Zada uncovers a different story, one that’s about all of us.”

Lapham’s Quarterly – That Was No Bear

The Tyee – Why, Perhaps, We Haven’t Found Sasquatch

The Georgia Strait – Summer books: Lazier days call for a dose of reality



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