Unalaska Islands, in the Aleutian Islands chain, Alaska

Unalaska: The US Island Once Ruled By Russia

Unalaska Island is situated in the Aleutian archipelago where the North Pacific Ocean meets the Bearing Sea. It is home to the largest seafood and fishing port in the United States and is the shooting location for Discovery Channel’s hit reality…

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A felucca boat on the Nile River in Egypt
Middle East, Reviews

When a River is a World

While on a hunting expedition in the Balkans in 1859, British explorer Samuel Baker made a stop — along with his travel companion, a maharaja from India — at a slave market town in what is now Bulgaria. Baker was…

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A view of Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina

Simply Sarajevo

“Let’s put this pedal to the metal,” proclaimed my driver in heavily-accented English as he ran his beat-up car along the gauntlet of turns on the Igman Mountain Road. Adam, a 20-something bed-and-breakfast owner, was full of mispronounced Americanisms and…

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Features, Middle East

Egypt’s Window on the World

“My whole life was preparation for this job,” says Ismail Serageldin, as he flashes a wry smile and gazes out of his fifth-storey office window overlooking the Alexandria corniche. What might otherwise seem like an unusual comment coming from a…

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